Our edtech solutions are designed to meet the educational needs of each client and are grouped into three different service lines:


Turn-key training solution with training programs included to qualify professionals with the Augmented Training methodology.
Training the trainers: teacher training in the AT methodology and use of Augmented Reality simulation.


Preliminary study of the training needs of the company/institution and design of a tailor-made training plan for its professionals/students.
Complete installation of Augmented Lab innovation and training centre or adaptation of the customer’s own facilities to the Augmented Lab model.


Design of custom welding pieces and software development (simulation solutions) fully adapted to the specificities of each sector.
Application and adaptation of Augmented Training methodology to the company and other professional sectors and families.


Adaptation of technical material of the companies: manuals, technical procedures, training programs, WPS… to the Augmented Training methodology.
Loading of these contents for their visualization and use in the technological-educational tools that includes the turnkey training solution.


Catalogue of specific contents to obtain the certificate of International Welder from different internationally recognized official publishers (Spanish Welding Association (CESOL) and German Welding Association (DVS), among others) and in different languages: Spanish, English, German.


Integral services of training and homologation of professionals with the qualifications of International Welder, Specialist and Engineer for companies in the industrial sector that require highly qualified and homologated personnel or that need to homologate their own workers.

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